Episode 1: Welcome to the city

Tokyo | San Francisco ( Ryo Yoshitake ,  Hubert Mousseigne )

Tokyo | San Francisco
(Ryo Yoshitake, Hubert Mousseigne)

Welcome to San Fransokyo: an imaginary mashup city combining the best of San Francisco with the best of Tokyo. In the first episode, we talk about what inspired this name and the motivation behind making this podcast. This episode was recorded on June 29th, the day before Dru left for Japan.

Can you feel it? You guys, do you feel this? Our origin story begins. We’re gonna be superheroes!
— Fred, Big Hero 6


Venetian Blinds by Ping Pong Club
Nujabes Tribute - Flower Round (RX) by HPMNK
April Showers by ProleteR
The Tree of Life by Marco Martini
Shamanism by Anitek
Japanese Rest by Rogi feat. DoMe
Delightful Life by JekK

In this episode, we are gonna to talk about why we’re making a podcast and how we picked the name “San Fransokyo." I started this show because my life is about to go through a major change... Read full transcript