Nunobiki Herb Garden, Kobe, Japan

Nunobiki Herb Garden, Kobe, Japan


We started this podcast to stay in touch with friends and family when we moved abroad to Tokyo in August of 2018.

But the show is more than just our personal story. We also share observations and theories about the intersection between American and Japanese culture, both the negative clashes and the positive harmonies that arise. This show will appeal to anyone who is interested in Japan or the experience of living abroad in a foreign country. Or those folks who just find us interesting.

Try out our podcast. Adventure awaits!

Vivian qu

Vivian lived in San Francisco for four years, together with Dru and their puppy Knuckles. During that time, she worked as a software engineer at Pinterest. Vivian is currently studying Japanese part-time in Tokyo. The rest of her time, she is working on a startup and producing, recording, writing, and editing this podcast.

Her favorite podcasts include Imaginary Worlds, Writing Excuses, Planet Money, and The Land of Desire: French History and Culture.

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dru knox

Dru was born and raised in Virginia. Four year ago, he moved to San Francisco to become a product manager at Google. Dru still works for Google but now is based out of the Google Tokyo office. Outside of work, Dru's obsessions include improv comedy, Dungeons & Dragons, and philosophy. His favorite season is winter and he is very much looking forward to seeing snow again.

His favorite podcasts include Very Bad Wizards, The Daily, Reply All, and Cortex.

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