Episode 5: Raging Lunatics

We discuss what it’s like to bike in Tokyo and how bikes are viewed fundamentally differently in Japan. We’ve found that Tokyo has city infrastructure optimized for biking and that our commutes are some of the best times in our day.

Yeah we’re going to die as soon as we get back and start biking in the US... [here] bikes are just raging lunatics going around.
— Dru
Riding through Tokyo on our mamachari with our dog

Riding through Tokyo on our mamachari with our dog


Venetian Blinds by Ping Pong Club
One Summer (Spirited Away) by Ghosting
Minyo San Kyoku by Doug Maxwell/Zac Zinger
April Showers by ProleteR
Mizuki by Bad Snacks
Delightful Life by JekK


This episode contains real recordings of children running around the streets in our neighborhood and the sounds of our bike bell (although the bike pedaling sounds come from the Youtube Audio Library). The video referenced in the show is Why Beautiful Things Make Us Happy by Kurzgesagt.