Episode 3: 30 Years Later

It's been thirty years since Vivian's mom and dad first moved to the United States in 1988. In this episode, we interview her parents about their hopes and worries when immigrating to a new country. They look back and reflect on their journey, and give some advice to Dru and Vivian about moving to Japan.

You will never have something you can never cross over, basically. Any difficulties at one point, it’s nothing when you look back.
— Mom


Venetian Blinds by Ping Pong Club
Phife for Life by Otis McDonald
Marxist Arrow by Twin Musicom
Delightful Life by JekK


The inspiration for this interview came from a show we watched in San Francisco. In Vietgone, the newest play by Qui Nguyen, there is a scene where the playwright does a funny, heartfelt, emotional interview with his immigrant father.