Episode 8: One Year Left to Live

We were like people who realized we had one year left to live. There’s so much we have to do before we go back [to the US]. And so as a result, we can’t make the argument, ‘Oh, we’ll just do it later.’
— Dru

In this episode, we talk about best practices while traveling and hosting visitors. We have had over a dozen people visit and stay with us in Japan over the last eight months. Here were some of our top takeaways:

  • How to maintain health and fitness while hosting visitors

  • Cultivating a sense of wonder for the place you live

  • Resetting habits/routines when moving to a new country


This is the first part of a longer discussion of observing Japanese culture through our experienced eyes as well as the first-time mindset of a lot of our visitors.


Venetian Blinds by Ping Pong Club
Space Racer by Bad Snacks
Delightful Life by JekK